What Sets Us Apart

Edlaw Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is an FDA and NY registered medical device facility, located in Farmingdale, NY. Edlaw specializes in small batch production of dry ingredients and has been packaging products for over 40 years. All packaging follows FDA and cGMP guidelines under quality control supervision. Our products are manufactured with USP ingredients under strict production procedures.

Dialysate Additives

Additives can be used with all dialysis concentrates to adjust a dialysate bath to the desired milliequivalent (mEq+) level. Edlaw’s pre-measured packets can alter a stock container of acid concentrate to the exact physiological needs of the patient.

  • All packages are color-coded for safety and have directions for use.
  • All boxes include instruction sheets and mEq+ to gram conversion formulas.
  • All Potassium, Calcium and Magnesium Chloride boxes include color-coded adhesive labels to indicate which concentrate container has been altered, by whom, by how much, and the date it was done.
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Citric Acid

Edlaw’s Citric Acid is better than vinegar for cleaning and decalcifying your dialysis machines. It is less expensive, saves space and is more efficient than vinegar. Studies show that Citric Acid provides the most effective elimination of bacterial biofilm, scale and calcium deposits, and is free from vinegar’s cellulose which can clog filters. Citric Acid is available in a variety of strengths and sizes.

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Other Services

Packaging Capabilities

  • Single use powder packaging for startup testing or commercial application.
  • Fill weights from 1 gram to 5000 grams.
  • Tolerances as tight as +/- .05 grams.
  • Multi station precision packaging equipment.
  • Packaging quantities from 500 to 250,000 units.
  • Packaging done in multi-walled, non-permeable pouch or custom vessel.
  • Batch, lot number, and bar coding.
  • Bulk pack or smaller individual pack-outs options.
  • Kit assembly.
  • Product blending capabilities.
  • Custom printing available with in-house equipment.
  • Climate controlled storage and warehouse available.
  • Product shipment is available using FedEx, UPS, LTL or full truck load.